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Why Choose MyNewClaim?

Whether your law firm currently has an intake department or not, getting to your potential client is of the most urgency to keeping your firm busy and growing. MyNewClaim is available to quickly e-sign any overflow of potential clients or to be your primary intake department.

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¡También podemos firmar electrónicamente a sus clientes de habla hispana!

How MyNewClaim's Digital Intake Process Works

Your law firm will send us, the PNC information via email providing details about the client such as full name, verified phone number and e-mail address, type of injury case, how many are involved, and if they are Spanish or English Speaking, and other details are optional and welcomed.

After receiving the contact information, we will verify receipt and immediately take steps to reach out to the PNC within 30 minutes. If we cannot contact the PNC, we will notify your firm and we will continue to make every effort to reach the PNC for 48 hours.

Collecting Crucial Case Information And Documentation

Once we’re able to get your PNC on a call with our intake specialists, will begin to collect all the necessary documentation and information about the Accident. The information we collect is their driver’s license or state ID, auto and health insurance information, and if available, the police exchange report or crash report, and photos of injuries and property damage.

Document Confirmation & Contract e-Signatures

Our intake specialists will leave no stone unturned; we will collect as much information possible that is available at the time of intake. After completing the intake and collecting the necessary information, we will email the PNC your e-sign contract and statement of client rights, and HIPPA documents to sign. Once we’ve gathered all of the intake information and signed documents together, we’ll send everything over to your office via email, so you can get started with working on your client’s case.

Please note: there are times when the PNC is not able to e-Sign for various reasons. In this case, we will send over the complete intake along with any other documentation. 

Should the PNC live within a 60-mile radius you may have the option to (If a specialist is available) go and sign that PNC in person. This will be an addition to normal e-sign services. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions section to learn more.

Start Saving Time and Resources Today With MyNewClaim

When you use MyNewClaim services, we become the face of your law firm. The art of onboarding new clients requires excellent communication skills, a listening ear, empathy, compassion, and patience. Let us be the cornerstone for creating a long-lasting relationship between your law firm and your new potential client.

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