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On this page are answers to questions frequently asked about MyNewClaim’s full digital intake services. If you have questions about how our intake system works, how our e-signatures collection works, or what kind of information we collect for your case, we’ve got all of the answers right here!

If MyNewClaim has an agent available, we travel up to a 60 mile radius from Jacksonville FL for an additional fee. 

MyNewClaim primarily uses a 4-page intake forms designed specifically for each type of accident case, but we do also use each law firm’s intake.

Please contact us for more details on pricing and fees.

MyNewClaim offers complete digital intakes and e-Sign services in all of the United States.

We collect all PNC and AFD information that may be available available.

When e-Signing, we ask for that information and collect the following when available. (Photo ID, auto property damages, police exchange information, and personal injury photos.)

If we have an agent available, we will travel within the 60 mile radius of Jacksonville, FL for an additional fee.

One of MyNewClaim’s intake specialists will initiate contact with your PNC within 30 minutes of receiving your lead information.

MyNewClaim will make every effort to continue trying to contact the customer for a period of 4 days to make your marketing dollars stretch. If after that time the client still cannot be reached, we will send a notice to your law firm of the client being unreachable.

Usually, the same day depending on when the potential client is available to complete an intake and e-Sign for contracts.

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