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Get started today! e-Sign your next auto injury, slip and fall, work injury, and truck accident case with MyNewClaim, in both English and Spanish!

We're ready to e-sign your next auto accident work injury slip & fall truck accident case.

Full Digital Case Sign Up For Your Next Personal Injury Client

With MyNewClaim, we will easily sign up your next personal injury case using full digital intakes. We handle all personal injury client sign-ups over the phone or by Zoom. Your intakes are submitted in clean, neat, and easy-to-read PDFs to your law office via e-mail. If you’d like to get started, contact us today to learn more!

Simple And Easy e-Signed Intake Documents

MyNewClaim operates through a completely digital workflow to help contact and sign up your potential clients as quickly as possible. Our intake specialists can help you sign-up your next case anywhere at any time with simple and easy e-sign intakes. Click the button below to learn more about MyNewClaim’s e-sign process.

Want to Learn More About MyNewClaim?

If you’d like to know more about MyNewClaim’s services and expertise, please see our F.A.Q.’s page to see our answers to commonly asked questions about our virtual personal injury intake sign-ups.

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Lisa CattanachSenior Claims Adjuster at Lancer Insurance Company
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I am a Case Manager at a very large PI firm in Jacksonville and have over 30+ years of personal injury legal experience. In this field, an investigator is needed pretty much all of the gather "missing" information, get witness statements, take those perfect photographs that support your clients' claims. Of all my years of dealing with investigators, I must say Ed is one of the best. He is precise, detailed, efficient, and expedient! Turn-around time is key and Ed is on point! I've been working with Ed on my clients' claims for the past 5 years and I would HIGHLY recommend his services to anyone who wants the BEST!!! Thank you for all you do!
Mary LeePersonal Injury Client
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If you ever need a top notch investigator, give Mr. Chacon a call. He was a huge help with my case. He ALWAYS returns your call promptly if he can’t answer when you call. He is very knowledgeable and professional. He also goes above and beyond for his clients. Nothing will slip through the cracks with this guy. I promise, you’ll be very pleased with this guy on your side!
John FaganFirst Coast Accident Lawyers
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Eddie gets the job done! He is professional and top-notch. Highly recommended.
Chris CarsonAssociate Attorney at Dale Carson Law
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Eddie has done great work for my firm as a Spanish-to-English translator. I highly recommend him.
Kristine AndersonLegal Case Manager for Personal Injury at Farah & Farah
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Investigator Chacon delivers an accurate report in a very timely fashion. He is a huge asset to my personal injury investigations and someone I would contact and recommend first. He is knowledgeable, kind, and thorough, also well versed in all aspects of the personal injury field.
Clinton WhiteMobile Intake Specialist
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I have known Ed Chacon for six years. He is a man of great integrity and has an impeccable work ethic. He is dependable and brings confidence in and credibility to the field of personal injury investigative services. When you call Ed, you will never need to call another.
Christina DayFarah & Farah
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Mr Chacon has assisted with many investigations. Mr Chacon is always very thorough and pays meticulous attention to detail. He is bilingual and that has also helped countless times. I highly recommend his services.
Daphne NailCase Manager at Accident Lawyers, P.A.
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I am the Case Manager for Accident Lawyers, P.A. and have worked with Eddie for several years on all types of personal injury cases. I highly recommend him to anyone in the field of injury claims! Eddie is very knowledgeable of the law and how the system works...he is an asset to have on your side and his attention to detail is excellent! I give him a 5 star rating and will always recommend and use his services!
Nathalie BlumFounder of Chiropractic Injury Solutions
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Mr. Chacon is a professional PI interpreter. He is prompt, accurate and understanding. I highly recommend Mr. Chacon.
Bruce Feifer
Workers Compensation Attorney at Farah & Farah
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I have worked with Eddie for close to a decade. He is thorough and detailed in his work and goes the extra mile to make certain the job is done right the first time. His final work product is clear, concise, and presented in a neat and organized fashion. It remains my continued pleasure to work with Eddie. He is an asset to our organization and can be for yours as well.

Signing Up Personal Injury Clients Since 2011.

MyNewClaim intake specialists are knowledgeable and experienced with signing up new potential clients. Our goal is to help your personal injury law firm onboard new clients with as much proficiency and convenience as possible. Need help covering any overflow of intakes?   No problem, we got you!

MyNewClaim, e-Signs You Can Trust!

Start Saving Time and Resources Today With MyNewClaim

When you use MyNewClaim services, we become the face of your law firm. The art of onboarding new clients requires excellent communication skills, a listening ear, empathy, compassion, and patience. Let us be the cornerstone for creating a long-lasting relationship between your law firm and your new potential client.

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